the gift that lasts forever

Dunya Story

4 years ago I started painting but not academically because its conditions were not possible at that time.  I was inspired by all the pain in my country. Those made me strong and also I thought I could use the world language which is art. I think with art, I can tell my feelings about my country and women rights in my country and across the world. 

One year ago, the Taliban came and took over Kabul. All my life changed like a thousand million girls. It had a bad effect on artist life. First they close our school and enact religious laws for girls. They are thinking that art is haram in Islam and they are not allowing to artist to do their work. Before the Taliban me and my friend, we had an art group. We were painting on the wall. We painted in different corners of the Kabul walls, but when the Taliban came, they brooked all our artworks, and also when they started   checking houses one by one all my paintings burned. I will never forget that, because it was a bad situation for me and all girls and artists and also I will paint stronger than the past.

8 months ago because of that situation I came to Pakistan, to continue my art and my education. I had two exhibitions in Islamabad. I Will have more to show our pain to the whole world with my art. I hope one day I can help my Family and my people.