the gift that lasts forever

weeda’s story

2022 was a very bad year for me. But this year, one day was worse than all my days. On Monday, the Taliban came to our school. The principal of the school hid us so that the Taliban would not see us. After two hours, he took us out of school. All our things were left at school, even my shoes, and I came home from school without shoes. The Taliban said, “we will come again”. After that day all the girls were very afraid that they would come again.

Last week on Thursday, the Taliban came, but the principal talked to them, and they did not enter the school. This was good.  Before, I had little hope for my future because I thought that maybe all the schools would be closed, but I realized that I am the only one who thinks that this will never happen.

I miss the year 2020 a lot because I had hope for my future. I even imagined that I could become a violinist or a guitar player because we had a guitar teacher who came to teach us and he encouraged me a lot because I was the first to learn, and the teacher had promised us all that if I learned early, he would give us his guitar.

We are afraid but we will continue to go to school as long as we are alive.